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The following report and accounts were kindly provided by international social work colleague, Francis Kumakech, of Youth Care and Children Nebbi-Uganda, following transfer of funds raised by British Association of Social Work members in the north east of England.

Youth Care and Children Nebbi, Kampala-Uganda. Pleased to acknowledge your financial support that you have rendered to them for supporting street children, vulnerable children and elderly persons in our communities as well our district.

The solid purpose of the funds was to facilitate the street children, vulnerable children and elderly persons. The funding we have received was very crucial in accomplishing the most basic needs of the underprivileged persons of our communities. These included weekly feeding programs for street children during entire Christmas session, thus we have extended clothes distributions to vulnerable children, soaps for hygiene among street kids and basic needs to the aging.

In total, over fifty families were fed. Fifteen street children were fed, soaps, jelly, soda all were provided to them. A total of fifteen elderly persons, their basic needs were covered which include four boxes of soaps, two sacks of sugar, four packets of salt, tow packets of coffee for drinking,10 kilos of beef,10killos of rice were all provided to them for Christmas seasons. Meanwhile twenty vulnerable children received clothing, sugar, sweets and other items were availed to them.

Brief Background of Youth Care and Children Nebbi.

The above, organization was a result of researched written by kumakech Francis during his study time at University of Kisubi which entitled. “Poverty among vulnerable communities, “researched conducted by Nebbi District, 2000. Observation made by a group of social workers’ student during community outreached 2017, which was champion by kumakech Francis.

He’s a qualified social worker by profession, with verse experiences in special needs children training, youth/adult training and elderly persons. Leadership skill, community psychology theory, project management skills, Donors funding proposal writing skills, Research skills, live skills trainer and other skills. He graduated, in 2019 with second class honors at University of Kisubi; he’s a member of professional social workers of Uganda, former, social worker’s student’s coordinators of all social work students in Uganda.

He’s the founder of Youth Care and Children Nebbi, Kampala- Uganda. A community based organization which help and advocate for street children’s welfare feeding programs, access to better education and vulnerable children as well as the aging. He practices his social work profession among youths, street children, elderly, prisoners, in schools as a councilors etc. He creates awareness drive within the communities on poverty eradication & climate change activities, skilling school dropout, and sanitation campaign programs and offering psychosocial support to the elderly persons.

Capacity development of the Youth Care & Children Nebbi

The organization, has well established structures of seven boards of directors with different professional background as well as experiences which help in guiding the activities of the organization and five volunteers. The organization is full of vibrant young people who are passionate for improving lives of the communities. Youth care & children Nebbi, supporting over fifteen street children and their families with weekly feeding programs, counseling, psychosocial support, educational support to vulnerable children to attend school and psychosocial support to the elderly.

Future plan of the organization;

ü Support street children & vulnerable children with education programs that can enable them to be self-reliance in future and intern they can support their families.

ü Acquire demonstration land for skilling the youth with farming skills & learning empowerment centers for children and youth with live skills which can promote self-reliance in future.

ü Ensure elderly persons get psychosocial support and feel the present of social workers touched

As .Hellen Keller, US. Author. Once said” Alone we can so little; together we can do so much

We would love to thank you a lot dear Christian Kerr for your kind action towards our community organization, District and Uganda as country we are proud of your team @ Christian Kerr. Our different donors, sponsors, well-wishers pleased accept our apology for delaying the report.

Nb; we kindly ask each one of you to pray for us and be our brand ambassadors so that we can change the lives of our communities in different ways.


Nb; Money spend on both elderly &vulnerable children
Balance as of 25th January 2023

Thank you, Francis, for this comprehensive report and accounts, and for all you do as a social worker for the people of Nebbi-Kampala, Uganda.

Thank you to all those who kindly donated. While the BASW North East campaign has ended, the Just Giving page remains open should anyone wish to support further.



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